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International pop star Remey Dufresne just wants a break from it all. And the idyllic town of Haven, Massachusetts seems to be the perfect spot to reconnect with his small-town roots and recharge. He doesn’t expect special treatment from the people who live there, he just wants a haven of his own…what he doesn’t expect is to fall in love – with the town, with its people, and with the local high school music teacher and his precocious little girl.

Single father Aleksander Kelly is by no means impressed by Remey’s presence. In fact, he’s downright irritated. With the media frenzy invading his hometown and inconveniencing everyone, Aleks would rather Remey just go back to La-La land and leave them all alone. It’s a shame the guy’s so good-looking. And kind. And not at all the celebrity diva Aleks expected.

But the Hollywood machine never stops and fame isn’t something you can just hide from. There’s more than just their hearts on the line when Remey’s obligations and Aleks’s reservations collide.

“Well done! I love a good rock and rollin' romance...throw in a kid, and I'm a goner. Ms. Sutherland has never done me wrong, and she certainly didn't with this book! Solid, cute, fun romance. Recommended!” Goodreads Review

“Remey was such a little sweetie. The adorable Willow, small town atmosphere and amusing family/friends, along with the slow build to Aleks and Remey's relationship, made this an enjoyable read for me.” Goodreads Review

“Really good book about two men who not only have to jump the normal relationship hurdles but also deal with the stress that comes with one of them being a paparazzi stalked celebrity. Aleks is definitely gun shy, but Remey is patient and slowly proves himself to be more than the stereotypical famous musician.” Goodreads Review
Genre: Contemporary  Romance
Length: Novella - 63,000 words
Release Date: January 2012
Published by Amber Quill Press

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