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When Zachary West and Officer Stephen Miranda met two months ago, it shook up Stephen’s boring, paint-by-numbers life in ways he’d never expected. Now, though still in the closet at work, Stephen is realizing that the things he feels for his sparkly, out-and-proud lover are way beyond just lust and intrigue.  He’s falling in love, but can someone like Zach live even partially in the closet?
Zach’s games of forbidden trysts and dangerous liaisons collide with Stephen’s desire for more than just the moment at hand, forcing Zach to face one of his biggest fears – can he ever be enough for a real life hero?  And should he even try?
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Story - 10,500 words
Release Date: March 2012
Published by Amber Quill Press
Series: GlitterBomb! Book 2. Series Page

Sequel to 2011’s Gambling On Maybe

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“I adore Stephen and Zachary and am thrilled to see them happy and in love, not that they don't still have obstacles to overcome, but as Zachary put it: “Neither of them really knew what they were doing, but come on, if anyone could figure it out, it was the two of them. Even if they had to come up with new definitions all their own.” I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading about this delightful couple whose intense love for each other is almost palpable. I loved this romantic, wickedly sexy, a bit naughty, witty story of love and devotion; I highly recommend it to anyone who believes that love can indeed conquer all. Thanks, Fae! Please keep the Stephen and Zachary stories coming!” Lena Grey @ Queer Magazine Online