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Mercenary Captain Torin Covell needs a man who knows his way around a cockpit. Ace pilot Rain needs to get the hell off-planet. Thrown together by chance, the two men form a wary partnership.

Torin has every intention of dumping Rain at the next moon, despite his intense attraction to the hotshot. In his line of work he can’t afford to trust anyone, especially someone as infuriatingly charming and naïve as Rain. But first, he’s got a mission to complete.

What Rain wants, Rain gets. And what he wants is Torin, any way he can get him. The gorgeous captain isn’t making it easy, and the two are quickly embroiled in an erotic battle for supremacy. But when Rain discovers that he’s not the only one in pursuit of Torin, he demands to know exactly what sort of “job” he’s signed on for…
Genre: Futuristic/Space Western Romance
Length: Novel - 54,000 words
Release Date: September 10, 2012
Published by Carina Press

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“This is an all-around romp of a book. The characters are quirky and fun, the plot is action packed but still light and the romance equal parts sexy and humorous.  (Rain & Torin’s) romance is a blend of sexual and emotional intimacy but wrapped in humor and caring for each other.” J9 @ The Book Vixen

“I loved Sutherland’s humor and how she was able to lace every page with something that made me smile.  With a great amount of action and suspense with stunningly hilarious remarks and sizzling hot sex, SKYBOUND is definitely a new series that I will be following!” Ann @ Under The Covers

“The dialogue is fun, the sex between Torin and Rain is HOT, HOT, HOT, but the relationship that developed between them is what kept me reading.  This book was well paced, definitely well-written, and the characters were fully flushed out. While this was the first book I'd read from Fae Sutherland, it definitely won't be the last!” ARC review @ Amazon